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How to save energy at home

Get a more energy efficient and cosier home with our free Home Energy Plan

Not a NatWest customer? No problem. You can still get a free plan for your home.

Free digital plan showing suggested energy saving improvements for your home.

Get estimated annual savings and typical costs and check funding options.

Book a discounted in-home energy assessment.

Choose tradespeople to do the work.

Simply add your postcode to get started or log in to see and edit a plan you've already saved.

How the Home Energy Plan works

1. Get your free digital Home Energy Plan

Enter your postcode and we'll be able to give you energy saving suggestions based on publicly available information.

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2. Book a discounted in-home energy assessment

Make your plan more personalised with the option of booking a discounted in-home energy assessment.

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3. Browse possible funding options

Choose the improvements you want to make and check funding options like grants and borrowing.

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4. Find tradespeople for your work

Get your improvements underway by comparing and connecting with trusted tradespeople.

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Start your energy saving journey now

Benefit from small changes now and learn how to make your home more energy efficient.

Get zero cost energy saving tips

Whether you're a homeowner or renting, get room-by-room tips that cost nothing but come with savings that add up. While you're here, why not learn more about your energy bill?

Is your home energy efficient?

Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating will tell you how energy efficient your home is. Find out what your home's EPC rating is and how you could improve it.

Check government grants and schemes

Check if you're eligible for any government grants or schemes that could help cut the cost of your bills or energy saving home improvements.

Get clued up on energy saving improvements with our guides

Borrowing options for home energy improvements

Borrowing more

Borrow more on your existing NatWest mortgage

From a minimum of £10,000 up to 90% of the value of your property. You'll make monthly payments over an agreed term to repay the amount you borrow.


Remortgage to NatWest

You could get a personalised indication of how much you could borrow in less than 10 minutes. Plus it won't impact your credit score.

Personal loan

Personal loan

For smaller alterations to your home a personal loan might be another option to consider.

Talk to us

Chat with us via Video Banking

Video Banking is an easy and secure way to chat to us face-to-face wherever you are for up to 60 minutes. Whether you want an instant chat, or a chat at a later date or time – we’re ready whenever you are.

An energy efficient home could save you money

Already have a home with an EPC rating of A or B, or are you planning to buy one? Take a look at our Green Mortgages.

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