Cashback credit cards

Can you get cashback with a credit card?

What is cashback on credit cards?

cashback credit card is a type of reward credit card that enables you to earn a set percentage back on your everyday purchases.    

Cashback cards will usually have a minimum fixed return on any spend. Whether you want to get more out of your weekly shop or your trip to the petrol station, simply spend as you normally would, and you could enjoy collecting cashback.

Shopping at certain retailers could offer a higher cashback percentage, so it's important you find the card that most suits your shopping habits.

How do cashback credit cards work?

Earn money back

When you use your card at participating retailers, you could earn money back on your spend in the form of cash.

Receive your cashback

Cashback is normally paid into your bank account or as credit on your card, either monthly or annually depending on your scheme.

Withdraw cash

You could also use this credit card to withdraw money at cash machines, but additional fees may apply. This should only be used in an emergency when you don't have access to a debit card.

Is a cashback credit card worth it?

The benefits

  • This kind of card could be an effective way to earn money while you spend, as long as you pay off your credit card balance in full each month.
  • A cashback credit card could be used as a regular credit card in many ways. If you use it wisely and make all your payments on time it could help to build your credit score.
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Things to consider

  • Some cashback cards may have an annual or monthly fee or a higher APR than standard credit cards. This could outweigh the potential earnings on your spend.
  • There may be a cap on the amount of cashback you could earn each year depending on your credit card provider, so it’s important to check this before applying.


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