Our trusted online identification partner

What is HooYu?

Confirming your identity

When you’re opening an account with us, we have to confirm your identity to make sure we’re opening the account for the right person. We do this through our security partner HooYu. This way, we can check you are you, while keeping your details completely safe and secure.

Why we use HooYu...

Why HooYu?

HooYu can quickly and safely verify people from all over the world using digital footprints, ID document authentication and facial biometrics. It’s not only safer, it also speeds up the application process meaning your account is opened faster.

Is this safe?

Yes. HooYu use a TLS encrypted connection to keep your data secure. They delete all copies of your documents and any social profile data as soon as the identity check is done.

Sharing information

As part of the verification process, we'll share your contact details with HooYu and they will share with identity verification information with us.

What do you need to open an account with us?

To open an account with us, there are a number of things we may need from you.

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