NatWest Mobile Banking App

Safe and easy banking with the NatWest app

The app that's full of features

Start using the NatWest app to securely login and easily carry out your everyday banking needs. You'll discover how banking can be made easy.

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It's quick

Check your balance and latest transactions in a jiffy.
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It's easy

Pay your buddies or the builder in a couple of taps. Criteria applies.
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Super safe

Login securely with fingerprint and facial recognition on selected devices.

Get in touch 24/7

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How to register for the app

Get the NatWest app in minutes and join over 5 Million other customers. Our step-by-step guide makes it even easier to get yourself up and running with the app.

  1. 01

    Open the NatWest app, tap 'I already have an account'. Read the next screen and select 'next'

  2. 02

    Read and when ready accept the Mobile Banking Terms

  3. 03

    Enter the characters from your Online Banking PIN and Password. 

    Don't have these? Tap 'Can't find your secure details'

  4. 04

    We will then confirm your mobile phone number. In most cases this will happen automatically or by simply entering the activation code that we text to you.

  5. 05

    Finally, setup a passcode and select your login preference then complete the customise your app screens. You can now login to view your accounts at a glance and much more using the NatWest mobile banking app. 

Need a little more support?

Our app is really easy to use, if you'd like to learn more to help you feel confident, help is at hand:

What's new in the NatWest app?

We're continuously evolving our Mobile Banking app to bring you the latest in security and exciting new features.

Save your spare change with Round Ups

Pay with your debit card and we'll round up the amount to the nearest pound, then send the spare change to your savings account.

Save little and often and the pennies soon add up.

Eligibility criteria and limits apply.

Split a Bill from your Mobile app

Split bill is a feature available for all NatWest Mobile app users with an eligible current account. It allows you to share payment request link with multiple people at once from your transactions.

Eligibility criteria and limits apply.

Request a payment securely via a Reusable Link

Reusable Payment Link is a new feature for all Mobile app users with an eligible account. It allows you to request money via a multi use Link or QR code  from Share/View your account details option within Account Settings

Eligibility criteria and limits apply

Learn more about Reusable Link/QR Code

Download the app

  1. On your mobile or tablet, open the camera and point your device at the QR code
  2. A link will pop up, tap this, and you’ll be taken straight to download the app


Not able to scan the QR code? 

You can still download the app by following the below instructions

  1. On your mobile or tablet, go to the App Store if using Apple or Google Play if using Android
  2. Search for 'NatWest Mobile Banking'
  3. Tap to download the app 

Get the app

Experience easy, quick, secure banking with the NatWest banking app

Get the app

Experience easy, quick, secure banking with the NatWest banking app

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