Travelling abroad soon?

Get travel ready

Using your card abroad

Register your card

Let us know when and where you are going to be travelling so we don't block any payments. You can do this in the mobile app in 4 easy steps. 


  1. Select your account 
  2. Tap "manage my card"
  3. Click "going abroad" 
  4. Then select "register card" to add your trip

Order travel money

It is always a good idea to have some cash when you travel.

We offer over 70 different currencies via Eurochange with 0% exchange rate commission.

You can check your destinations ATM and card usage under the "money" section of your destination country. This helps you to plan how much cash you will need.

Understand your fees

Reward Silver and Reward Platinum customers experience no transaction fees on non-sterling payments. 

A Non-Sterling Transaction Fee of 2.75% applies to all ATM withdrawals regardless of your account type.

We recommend that you pay in local currency  rather than Sterling so that you get the most up to date exchange rate. 

Our card currency calculator helps you get a clearer picture of conversion rates and charges when using your card abroad. 

How to freeze your card

If you misplace your card you can easily freeze it in the mobile app in 3 steps. Alternatively, you can also freeze it using online banking. 

If your card has been lost or stolen you can let us know via the app.

Set up Google Pay and Apple pay

You can use Google pay and Apple pay on your mobile device or wearables on the go without your debit card. 

It is such an easy, secure and quick way to pay and you can pay for larger transactions than you can with contactless.

Terms and conditions apply.

Packaged travel perks

With travel insurance underwritten by U K Insurance Limited you can make the most of your travel.

Reward Silver

£10 monthly fee
  • Silver travel insurance covers UK and European travel for you and any joint account holder. It covers you up to 22 days per trip, including winter sports. Make sure you add any extensions to your insurance like over 70's cover or pre-existing medical cover. 
  • No non-sterling transaction fees when you buy with your debit card abroad. Fees apply to ATM withdrawals. 

Reward Platinum

£20 monthly fee
  • Platinum travel insurance covers worldwide travel for you and your family. It covers up to 31 days per trip, including winter sports. Make sure you add any extensions to your insurance like over 70's cover or pre-existing medical cover.
  • No non-sterling transaction fees when you buy with your debit card. Fees apply to ATM withdrawals. 
  • Platinum travel service helps you get 10% off the base price of packaged holidays, hotels, car hire, airport parking, and attractions booked with us and 5% off the base price of cruises. 
  • Get lounge access for 2 people with any holiday booking. 

Helpful reminders

Get all your documents sorted for your travels and avoid any unexpected costs. 

Get to know your destination

Before you travel make sure you are familiar with your destination country and make sure you are fully prepared. 

  • Check ATM and card usage to make sure you have enough money for your trip.
  • Have a look at the government advice website to see if there are any travel warnings you need to be aware of.
  • Locate the British embassy and how you can get in touch with them.
  • Use the link below to explore your destination.

Airport preparation

Arrive to the airport in plenty of time and check ahead to make sure you know where you are parking or where your transport will drop you off. Use the links below to get familiar with your airport layout. 

You can also book lounge access, fast lane security, and parking via your airport website.

Have you got everything?

Don't get caught out! View our guides below to make sure you pack everything you might need. 

Contact our packaged support team

Contact our membership services if you want to discuss your perks before travelling. We also have a number you can use when you are abroad if you need support. 

Call us:

  • Reward Black and Black accounts: 0345 601 7188
  • Platinum account: 0345 609 0453
  • Silver account: 0345 601 5219

Calling from abroad: +44 2392 660 340

Relay UK: 18001 0345 601 7188

Get support with cancelled travel

If you have any issues with your travel then you should speak to the travel provider you booked with first.

If your travel has been cancelled we can support you to get your money back if you need to raise a dispute. 

If you have any other banking questions you can speak with our digital chatbot, Cora. 


Something else we can help you with?