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Mortgage valuation

What is a mortgage valuation?

When you apply for a mortgage we need to know the value of the property you're purchasing or re-mortgaging.

The valuation that we complete will be for our purposes only. It may not be a physical inspection of the property. You should not rely upon this valuation.

Consider carrying out your own survey to satisfy yourself of the property's value and condition.

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What’s the difference between a mortgage valuation and a home survey?

A mortgage valuation checks that the property has been valued correctly, for our benefit.

A home survey is an inspection of the property’s condition to identify any problems and provide suggestions for repairs.

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How much does a mortgage valuation cost?

Does a valuation mean the mortgage is approved?

A valuation being completed doesn’t mean the mortgage is approved, the valuation report can flag issues. For example:

  • If the condition of the property, e.g. general stability of the property, effects the security of the loan that you are applying for
  • Property value being lower than the offer price

There can also be other requirements that may not be met, such as:

  • Applicant eligibility checks not matching the lender’s criteria e.g. affordability checks, personal circumstances changing since initial application.

How long after a valuation can you expect a mortgage offer?

When the valuation has been completed this will usually lead to the mortgage offer which can take around one week (but can vary based on individual circumstances). Once you have a mortgage offer you can proceed with the purchase of your property.

What happens if the mortgage valuation is lower than the offer?

This is also known as a ‘down valuation’ and can happen when the valuer values the property lower than the agreed price.

This may mean that we will only be prepared to lend based on a percentage of the purchase price or mortgage valuation (Loan to Value), whichever is lower.

If this happens, we will contact you with next steps.

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What happens if the mortgage valuation is higher?

If you do find yourself with a higher mortgage valuation compared to the purchase price (or estimated value) this tends to be because the purchase price is lower than the market value.

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