Cost of living

Ideas for everyday living

Discover inspirational stories and quick tips from people working out how to live with the cost of living.

Saving and spending

How to get fit for less

Don’t let the cost of working out exhaust your bank balance.

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Kids’ clothes: check out our money-saving tips

Parents are finding clever ways to spend less on clothes for their little ones.

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Six inspiring dates for under £20

Impress your other half with a fantastic date for £20 or less.

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How to save on transport costs, no matter how you travel

Transport can cost a fortune – follow these shortcuts to savings.

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Six gas and electricity providers offering cost of living help

Here’s a rundown of how energy suppliers are supporting their customers.

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How communities change lives

The Auchinleck Community Development Initiative is providing all sorts of help and support to its East Ayrshire community, which is helping to bring them together.

Real stories

I overhauled my social life to save money

Try these tips to stay connected with friends on a budget.

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I went back to work to make ends meet

Looking to top up your pension? Here’s how one retiree did it.

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How I’m getting creative with my kids’ birthdays

A parent shares their ideas for celebrating kids’ birthdays on a budget.

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How I saved money making meals for a fiver

TikTok chef Mitch Lane tells us how he’s helping millions feeling the pinch.

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How we had our perfect wedding on a tiny budget

Find out how one couple pulled off their perfect wedding for just £200.

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Helpful tips

Five easy ways you could help the planet and your pocket

Reuse, recycle and shop smarter to save money on your bills.

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The best fruit and veg to grow to cut down costs

Garden or no garden, here’s how to produce some nutritious fruit and veg on a budget.

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Parents share their favourite cheap ways to entertain the kids

Try these great ideas to keep kids busy during school holidays.

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How to set up your own Library of Things

Find out how to set up a money-saving community enterprise that encourages borrowing, not buying.

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Six ways to save money by negotiating

From high-street haggling to savvy online bookings, try these great ways to talk your way into a better deal.

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Six weekend getaways to put on your holiday bucket list

These affordable staycations are perfect for a cheap holiday this summer.

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Track your spending

The handy Spending and Budget Tracker might just be your new best friend. It could help you to budget better and identify where you may be able to tweak things. We ask you for some details as you go through the budgeting tool, however none of that data is ever saved.