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Vision boards

Vision boards with host Anna Williamson

Making a plan can be daunting, but many of us feel better when we have goals to aim towards. 

We've teamed up with celebrity life coach Anna Williamson to host a series of events guiding you through creating your own vision board and explaining how they could help you to reach your goals sooner.

How to make your own vision board

To make your own vision board, you will need a selection of images, inspirational quotes – or anything that you find yourself drawn to. They can be anything from pictures of your dream holiday snipped from a magazine or travel site, an image of your dream home – or maybe even a link to those new trainers you just really need to own.

You then pull those images together in one place – a board you can see every day or maybe even as an image on your home screen – and think about the things you will do to reach those goals.

Vision boards can be a great way to bring your goals to life. They can be digital or physical but aim to act as a manifestation of what you want to achieve. The board acts as a reminder of the small steps you need to take every day to achieve it.


You can watch Anna taking a selection of special guests through creating their own vision board as part of our Tomorrow Board events.

Episode 1 - Dr Alex George

In this episode Anna talks to the celebrity doctor, who creates a board focused on his personal and lifestyle goals.


Time:  51 mins

Episode 2 - Vogue Williams

In this second episode Anna talks to the model and media personality as she creates her vision board.


Time: 39 mins

Episode 3 - Sharmadean Reid

In our final episode Anna talks to entrepreneur and influencer, who creates a vision board looking at her professional and career aspirations.


Time: 57 mins

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