The Learning with NatWest podcast series

Episode 1: Dancing on a shifting carpet with Jamil Qureshi

How to prepare for the future world of work

The jobs we do today and the skills we need to do them may be unrecognisable in years to come. So how do you evolve too? Jamil Qureshi and Zara Janjua explore the way work is changing and the possibilities available to us in this inspiring podcast.

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Episode 2: Data, curiosity, and storytelling with Elaine Priest

We’re talking about data and how it’s changing the world, and the world of work. Employers are increasingly looking for people with skills in this field.

Zara Janjua is joined by globally recognised data leader, Elaine Priest to discuss the exciting opportunities.

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Episode 3: Internet dating on mars with Geoff White

We know that data, when used well, can have a hugely positive impact on the world. But what happens if it isn’t used so well? What if it’s exploited?

Zara Janjua learns more from Investigative Journalist and Author Geoff White and what we can learn. 

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