The Learning with NatWest podcast series

Episode 6: "When kindness is the currency we can all be millionaires"

Building relationships and valuing differences in life and career

Kindness is the currency we all have at our disposal – and the world needs more kindness. Can kindness towards others, as well as a little curiosity and the ability to value differences really make a difference in your career?

The ever-fascinating Pinky Lilani, CBE, shares her experiences and advice with Zara Janjua. 

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Episode 4: Innovate like a spammer or hacker with Alexa Clay

Creativity and innovation skills are two of the most valued skills by employers today – so what exactly do we mean by innovation skills and how do we embrace them?

Alexa Clay delves into the fascinating subject with Zara Janjua and shares how we can learn from natural born innovators from the underworld.

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Episode 5: Lift as you climb with Jennifer Holloway and Debbie Phillips

Having a great network can undoubtedly help you along in your career, whether that’s helping you to solve problems, access opportunities or call upon experts.

But where do you start? Zara Janjua chats with Jennifer Holloway and Debbie Phillips to learn their tips and tricks.

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