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Job Pathways - Relationship Manager

I’m Adam, a NatWest Relationship Manager

I help businesses and customers with their banking needs by building good relationships and delivering great customer service. I love finding out what’s important to my customers and helping them to achieve their dreams and goals. For example, I help them to develop sales plans and solve any business or technical challenges they may have. It’s also important that I keep an eye on the competition to see what strategies they are using to ensure I stay ahead of the game. 


Check out the film of Adam to learn more about the role.

The skills you’ll need

Relationship Managers need a wide variety of skills to be successful in role but remember, you won’t need to demonstrate all of them straight away.

The job

The job may be known as other things depending on where you work:

  • Account Manager
  • Personal Manager
  • Relations Director

The questions you might be asked at interview

Interviews will vary from company to company, but here are some questions you might get asked to help you think about the skills and experiences you’ll need to be able to answer them.

Relationship Manager Learning Pathway

The learning pathway includes content to help you build your knowledge and skills in the areas that are important in this job. We’ve partnered with Skillsoft, an award winning learning provider with over 20 years of experience, to offer you exclusive access to their learning content.  

In partnership with Skillsoft.

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