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Pitching ideas

What is pitching?

It's a great skill to be an effective communicator, and to present your ideas to other people in a way they understand. This is known as 'pitching'. In its basic form, pitching is getting your idea across in an understandable way.

Where can pitching help?

Pitching as a skill is useful in your work life and personal life as it helps you, and those around you, achieve more. It can help:

  • resolve differences.
  • express emotions and opinions.
  • build strong and trusted relationships.
  • get support when you need it.

Our 3 step guide to pitching

It's an important skill to practice and develop every day. We've put together a guide to 'pitching' to get your ideas moving and get things happening.

Part 1 - The pitching technique

Listen to this 2-and-a-half-minute podcast on how the structure of your pitch can really make a difference to landing that all important message.

Part 2 - Preparing your pitch

Listen to this 60 second podcast on getting your language right and knowing your target audience.

Part 3 - Delivering your pitch

Listen to this 90 second podcast on how to deliver your pitch with confidence.

Practice makes perfect

Pitching and presenting is something that you get better at the more you practice. You can practice with family, friends, or co-workers. A great way to practice is to record yourself on your phone and then watch it back. Whilst this may be a bit cringy, it’s a great way to ensure your tone, pitch and pace of your presentation is spot on.

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