What to do if you lose your mobile phone

The steps to take to keep your money secure when you’ve lost your phone

Most of us will have lost our mobile phone at some point or another

If you have and you’re worried who could have access, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself.

There are apps that can help track your phone

All smartphones have tracking apps that help you find your phone if you’ve lost it, such as 'Find My Phone' for iOS and Android Device Manager. These apps let you to log in from another device.

You can make your phone play a loud tone, send alerts to anyone who might have your phone and even wipe your phone completely. Wiping your phone means that all data will be removed from the device, for added security.

Tell your network provider

If you’ve lost your phone and there’s no hope of getting it back, tell your Phone service provider as soon as possible. They’ll be able to block your SIM card so the phone is unusable.

If you’re with EE, O2, Three, Vodafone or Virgin Media, and you report your phone lost or stolen within 24 hours they will help limit any call or data charges.

If your phone has been stolen report it to the police

If you think your phone has been stolen, you should contact the police. Some insurance companies need a crime reference number for you to make a claim.

We can suspend your mobile banking app

Simply notify us when you know it’s gone and we can suspend your mobile banking app, which can then be reactivated once you have a new phone. Your banking can still be managed with online banking on another device.

If you've got other devices, keep them safe too

Visit our guides on how to help keep them secure

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