Cashback with your carbonara?

Using your Natwest card this summer just got more rewarding.

Money back on eating and drinking.

Jetting off somewhere nice?  Planning on eating out?
  • Sign up and get 5% back while eating out (conditions apply)
  • Earn up to £100 cashback per customer
  • Offer applies from date of sign up to 31st August 2023
  • Spend must be in local currency and not GB pounds
  • Spend must be with merchants located outside the United Kingdom to qualify
  • Cashback will be paid within 5 days after transaction has cleared


Interested?  Register using the link below.


What transactions qualify?

Want to know what transactions you can complete to qualify for this cashback offer?

Any transactions where food and drink are the main focus of the business will be included in this offer, this will include bars, restaurants and food take aways but wont include hotels, fuel stations or cinemas.

So for example having food in your hotel, will not be included as the main business of a hotel is accomodation but going to the local restaurant will earn you cashback. 

  • Pizza from the pizza parlour- yes
  • Ice cream from the ice cream van- yes
  • Lunch from a cafe- yes
  • Cocktail in a bar- yes
  • Burger from a fast food restaurant- yes
  • Fish and chips from the shop-yes
  • A late night snack from the takeaway- yes


  • Pizza by the hotel pool- no,
  • Ice cream at the water park- no
  • Lunch from the petrol station- no
  • Cocktails in the cinema- no
  • coffee from a bakery- no

*This list is not exhaustive.

Terms and conditions.

Who is eligible for this offer?

You’re eligible for this offer if:

·         you receive an invitation to register for the offer from us (National Westminster Bank plc);

·         you opt in to receive the offer by registering your NatWest debit card through the Mastercard website; and

·         you see a confirmation on screen that your registration was successful.

Throughout the rest of these Terms, references to your ‘card’ are to the debit card you register for this offer.

What is the offer?

After you successfully register for the offer, you can earn 5% cashback on the value of qualifying purchases made with your card.  The qualifying purchases must be made between 00:00 on the next business day after you register and 23:59 31 August 2023.

Qualifying purchases are any payments using your card inside or outside the UK for food or drink.  Please note that these payments must be made in an establishment where the main business is selling food and drink.  Incidental purchases of food and drink from hotels, cafes in clothes shops, petrol stations etc will not qualify.  For more information on what establishments qualify for the cashback offer, please visit our website here.

Where qualifying purchases are made in a foreign currency, the cashback will be paid in pounds Sterling.  We’ll convert the qualifying purchase into pounds Sterling using the Payment Scheme Exchange Rate (the rate provided by Mastercard) at the time the payment is taken from your account.  The cashback will be based on the value of the qualifying purchase after it has been converted into pounds Sterling. 

The maximum cashback that can be earned from qualifying purchases during the offer period is £100. 

When will the cashback be paid?

Any cashback from a qualifying purchase will be paid into the current account associated with your card within 5 working days of the payment being taken from your account.  It will appear on your transactions as NatWest Cashback.

(We only take card payments from your account when we receive the request from the payee’s bank (for example, a restaurant).  This means there may be a delay between using your card to make a payment and the payment being taken from your account.  We’ll take payments from your account within one business day of receiving the request for payment.)

If you close your account before the cashback is paid, you won’t be entitled to the cashback.

Withdrawal of offer

We may change, replace or withdraw this offer at any time.

What other conditions do you need to know?

The Your Current Account Terms apply to the use of your card.  They set out all the terms applicable to your card, including how long it takes to process card payments and any charges you may incur for using your card. 

Please note this offer can be withdrawn at any time.


Use your card abroad.

Want to know how much it will cost to use your card?

Want to know how much you will be charged for using your card abroad?  Use our currency calculator to show you how much the charges will be.

Your card is a handy travel companion.

 Using your debit card abroad is less faff – no more running out of currency while seeing the sights. And if you lose your card, you can freeze it in our app. So it’s safer than a stash of cash in a bum bag. 

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