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DigiDocs Guide

What is DigiDocs?

DigiDocs is our online tool that lets you capture, share and sign your documents with us. 

You can quickly and safely upload your documents so we can process your application for a current account, loan, credit card or mortgage.

Getting started with DigiDocs

If you have applied for a product with us online, we may send you a link to use DigiDocs. This means we need to double-check your ID, address, proof of income or require further information to fully consider your request. This link will be sent via email or text. 

How to register for DigiDocs:

  1. Open the link to https://digidocs.natwest.com
  2. On the website, enter your email address in the registration box 
  3. Click 'start registration'
  4. We'll text a code to your mobile so you can set up a password
  5. Use your email address and the password you've set up to log in

How do I use DigiDocs?

Photograph or scan your documents

Use your device to capture quality images of your required documents.

Upload your documents

Once logged in to DigiDocs, upload the images that you've captured.

Review and submit

Make sure you have uploaded everything we've asked for and then submit.

What documents do I need?

Proof of income

We will ask you to supply a certain type of document to complete your application. Examples of documents we may ask you for include recent pay slips, bank statements or your SA302. 

To take a photo of your document, you can use either a mobile phone, tablet or smartphone. You can upload your document using the device that's easiest for you. This could be either a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Proof of address

Select the type of proof of address document you would like to use. You can use a bank statement, utility bill or council tax bill. All documents must be dated within the last 3 months.

We’ll show you some helpful tips on how to take a great picture of your chosen document, and how to upload it, or how to upload a PDF.

Your details and further information

We need to confirm a few more details, in order for us to check who you are and that you live at your current address. We may also ask for more information from you in order for us to consider your request.

Please review the information you’re giving us before you submit. Check that images meet our requirements, your personal details match your application and you've answered all questions we have asked. 

Tips for uploading your documents

Struggling to upload the documents we've asked for? Check out our hints and tips to make sure that you have uploaded everything correctly.

Bank Statements

We may request bank statements as proof of income or address

Please make sure when you upload your bank statements that: 

  • All of your details (full name, address, bank details) are clearly visible and match the details on your application
  • It is your full statement and is not filtered (please take this from either your postal statement or online banking download)
  • You supply the full statements for the months we've requested
  • Screenshots can't be accepted, please upload the original document
  • The image is clear and good quality 
Information Message

Passport, Visa or Driving Licence

We may request any of these documents in order to identify you

Please make sure when you upload your proof of ID that: 

  • All of your details (full name, date of birth) are clearly visible and match the details on your application
  • It's in date (we can't accept outdated documents) 
  • It is the exact type of document we've requested 
  • The image is clear and good quality 
Information Message

Uploading a great image

  1. Take your picture straight on 
  2. Find bright light to take the picture, try to avoid flash photography as it can distort the image
  3. Don't crop the picture
  4. Make sure the image is clear enough to read 
  5. Make sure all information requested can be seen 
  6. Please avoid taking screenshots

Frequently asked questions

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