Support for regular overdraft users

Are you using your overdraft to cover day to day expenses?

We're taking steps to support our customers where the way they use their overdraft may result in charges that could be avoided.

There are ways we could help you manage your finances and use your overdraft for short term expenses rather than day to day living. 

Take control of your overdraft limit

Reducing your overdraft balance and limit will help you control how much your overdraft costs you. You can do this at anytime in our mobile app or if you would rather bring your limit down gradually, you can set up a personalised plan to do this.

See how much you could save

Ways to help you manage your money

An overdraft can be an expensive way to borrow and is intended for short term use, we have a range of tools that can help you manage your money and reduce the cost of your overdraft

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If you’ve got an arranged overdraft limit on your account that you feel is too high, we’ll show you how to change it. Find out more here.

Plan your budget

Enter your earnings, spending and bills, and our handy tool will help work out what you’ve got left over each month. 

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Free review of all of your personal finances, choose from a quick online questionnaire or book in with one of our highly trained Senior Personal Bankers.

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Overdrafts Calculator

See how much it costs to use an overdraft across our range of accounts.

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Reduce your household bills

Running a household can be expensive, we’ve got a range of guides and quick tips to help.

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Spending Tracker

Ever get to the end of a month and wonder where your money has gone? Well wonder no more. Our spending tracker within the app tells you everything you need to know. You must be aged 16+. Only available for Personal and Premier accounts.

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How to view your credit score

You can check your credit score in our app to get an indication of your credit health provided by TransUnion. Credit score available once opted in through the app, to customers aged 18+, with a UK address and is provided by TransUnion. 

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Make a plan to reduce your borrowing

An overdraft can be an expensive way to borrow in the long term, regularly reducing your overdraft balance and limit will help reduce this cost. 

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We're here to help

We understand that sometimes people struggle financially. Bills can pile up and it's difficult to make ends meet. If you're worried about paying money back or you're struggling to pay your mortgage, rent or other bills, it's time to ask for help. We're here to support you.


Independent support available

If you are struggling with your finances, you can get free debt advice. We partner with PayPlan (a third party company), who can offer you free confidential advice for all of your debts. 

Start your journey with PayPlan

Additional support

Citizens Advice
Free advice on debt, benefits, housing, legal matters, employment and general consumer advice.

Money Helper
Free advice on debt, divorce/separation, setting up a new home, care & disability.


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National Debt Line
Free and confidential advice on debt.


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