Understanding no annual fee credit cards

What does no annual fee on credit cards mean?

No annual fee credit cards are cards that don’t require you to pay a yearly fee to use them.

Annual fees are often applied for benefits that come with a credit card, for example, earning rewards. This kind of fee will usually be charged once a year and paid as part of your credit card bill.

How do credit cards with no annual fee work?

When you open a no annual fee credit card account, your provider won't charge you a fee to do so, or one to keep the card.

However, it's important to remember that you could be charged other fees on your card like a balance transfer fee, late payment fee, or interest for purchases if you fail to pay off your credit card balance on time.

Is a no annual fee credit card right for me?


If you keep up with your monthly repayments, you could enjoy the opportunity to borrow money through a credit card without paying an ongoing cost to keep it.

If you’re looking for a simple way to borrow money or a safety net for emergencies, a no annual fee credit card could be a good option.

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Things to consider

No annual fee credit cards can charge higher interest rates and don't usually offer as generous rewards or benefits on spending. 

It'd be worth thinking about which features you want most from your card. If you’re using it for everyday spending or to fund bigger projects, earning rewards on spending could be more valuable in the long term.

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