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To apply for borrowing, you must be 18+ and living in the UK. Subject to lending criteria.

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Ways to borrow money

A loan, credit card or overdraft. Take a look at your lending options below. 


A personal loan allows you to borrow a fixed amount over a fixed period of time. It's suitable for short, medium and longer term borrowing.

  • Know how much you'll pay each month and when you'll finish repaying
  • Consolidate debt or fund larger one-off purchases such as a new car or home improvements 

You can make overpayments or pay off your loan early, subject to early repayment charges. 

Credit cards

A credit card lets you buy things up to an agreed limit and pay for them later.

  • Spread the cost of purchases
  • Consolidate credit or store credit balances with other lenders

Credit cards come with monthly interest and can incur late payment fees. If you just make the minimum monthly repayment, this can be an expensive form of borrowing.


An arranged overdraft is when we agree to a limit that lets you spend a bit more money than you have in your current account.

This could help you manage your money if:

  • you have to cover short-term expenses
  • your income or outgoings vary from month to month

There’s no cost to set up an arranged overdraft on your account. Interest charges only apply for the days you use your overdraft.

Compare your borrowing options

Your borrowing options, at a glance.

Larger one-off purchases and consolidating debt

Spreading the cost of purchases or balance transfers

Covering short-term spending or unexpected expenses, month to month 

£1,000 - £50,000

Up to £15,000

Up to £5,000

Fixed monthly Direct Debit

Monthly Direct Debit or one-off payments

Flexible payments from your account balance


Wait up to 5 - 7 days for card to arrive


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