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How to make the most of your account

Your loan account lets you tailor your borrowing to your requirements. Tweak repayment dates, set up a regular Standing Order or catch up on any missed payments – and stay in charge. 

Change loan repayment date

Late payments could impact your ability to get future borrowing, so if you think you’re likely to miss one, it might be worth reviewing your repayment date. You can view and manage all your payment dates quickly and easily in the NatWest app.

Here’s how:

  • Tap on your loan account.
  • Select 'View loan details’.
  • This will show you how much you should pay and on which day.

To amend the payment date

  • Tap on your loan account.
  • Tap on 'payment options’.
  • Tap on 'manage your payment date’.

Set up a regular payment

You may have cancelled your Direct Debit in the past and life can be busy – it’s easy to lose track of what needs paying when. So why not set up a Standing Order from your current account? You can do this on the NatWest app.

Here’s how:

  • Select the current account you want to set the payment up from.
  • Click 'Standing Orders’.
  • Choose 'Create Standing Order’.
  • Tap on 'Pay someone new' and enter your loan account details – you’ll need to have your loan account, sort code and monthly payment amount handy.

Catch up missed payment

If you’ve missed a payment, the NatWest app will let you know what your arrears amount is. Clearing this is easy to do in the app.

Here’s how:

  • Tap on your loan account.
  • Select ‘Pay off arrears’.
  • We'll guide you through the process, it’s quick and simple.

If you don't have the NatWest app, you can find out how to download it below.

Tips and tools to help you

Free Financial Health Check

Fill in our Financial Health Check questionnaire in your own time and we’ll share hints and tips to help you reach your goals. Or, if you’d prefer to speak to someone face-to-face, you can make an appointment with one of our Senior Personal Bankers. 

Spending Tracker

If you’re feeling a bit stuck with money, this handy tool within our app can show you where there’s wiggle room. It sorts your spending into twelve categories – like bills, groceries and transport – then pulls out personal insights to help you budget. It can help you set spending targets too.

Budget Calculator

Want to get a clearer view of your money? Our Budget Calculator is designed to help you work out what you’ve got coming in (e.g. wages and benefits), what’s going out (e.g. bills and expenses) and how much you’ve got left over.

Get the NatWest app

Download our handy mobile app. With savvy features like payment reminders and budgeting tools, it’s the quick and easy way to manage your money and stay in control.

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