What is a mentor?

Mentors play an important role in all stages of your career and is a great way for you to unlock your full potential.

A mentor can provide great advice, support, and help you develop your skills to get to where you want to be.

A mentor is helpful no matter what stage of your life or career you're at. Learning from their experiences will give you real life examples to follow and help make those big decisions a little clearer.

1. How to choose a mentor

If you decide to give mentoring a try, here are three things to think about when choosing the right person.

2. How do I start the conversation

We've put together some example questions that you can bring to your mentoring session to get the conversation flowing. Mentoring conversations work both ways, you learn from each other, so we've provided some questions for you to ask them, and them to ask you:

You to your mentor

“As someone who has only recently started out on their career, can you tell me how you knew what your goals should be, and what did you do to achieve them?” 

“I'm currently working on a big project/managing lots of different pieces of work. Everyone works in different ways, so how do you organise and plan your time when you're under pressure?”

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Your mentor to you

“What you have overcome shapes how you approach a situation. What sort of challenges have you faced in work or life, and how did you overcome them?”

“No matter where you are in your career, you'll have already made some great accomplishments. What are some of your personal achievements on your journey to achieving your aspirations?” 

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3. Top tips on how mentoring can help

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