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What is procrastination?

Procrastination simply means putting things off instead of getting them done. 

We'll look at how to tackle procrastination and get creative. And we also reveal how a little procrastination can be a good thing.

The procrastination spectrum

Procrastination is a scale. You have procrastinators, the people who put things off and are often seen as unorganised or impulsive at one end. They sometimes think a lot about a task but leave it until the last minute.

At the other end, you have precrastinators, the people who rush into tasks. They're often seen putting their tasks on a to-do list. Some precrastinators end up rushing things and making mistakes.

Who manages this balance well?

They're known as 'thinker-doers'. People who don't rush to complete tasks, they think through the best way to complete it and then they get to work. Creative people are often 'thinker-doers'.

To achieve the right amount of procrastination, find some gaps in your schedule when you can think about what still needs doing. This is white space. It's unscheduled time that you can use to help you prepare.

Understanding yourself

A good starting point is to think about how you think. That sounds odd, right? Well, we've put together a quiz to help you. You'll find out if you're a positive thinker, or more of negative thinker or perfectionist.

How to tackle procrastination?

Knowing how you think about tasks is important. It helps you understand why you might be procrastinating. Try having a positive thinking style next time you're procrastinating and see if it changes what you do next. But it should never be all work and no play. There are times that a little procrastination can be helpful.


Watch this short animation for some tips on what to do if you're putting things off or stuck on a task.

Teamwork makes the dream work

It can be easy to want to work alone, it can be productive. But it can also lead to procrastination and a lack of new ideas. Collaborating is a great way to re-energise your creativity and explore new things. Enthusiasm is infectious and new perspectives are refreshing. Here's some tips to get you collaborating.

4 ways to shake off procrastination and get things done

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