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What will YOU become?

NatWest Thrive is here to help you develop the self-belief, confidence and money skills to become who you want to be.

Learn boss moves from the best

The Creators: GraySkitz

Sammy and Courtney started sharing comedy sketches on TikTok at the start of the first UK lockdown. They now have 2.5 million followers. Learn how they followed their dreams and made a living from their creativity and managed their money.

The Chef: Omari McQueen

Teenage TV star Omari, is a vegan chef and CEO of Caribbean food company Dipalicious. He started cooking aged seven when his Mum was too ill to make family meals. Today he has his own show on CBBC, Meet the McQueens.

The Fashion Brand: Isabella Vrana

Isabella is one of Depop’s biggest success stories. She set up Isabella Vrana, reselling late ’90s and early Noughties vintage inspired pieces, in 2015 while still at uni. She now creates original designs and generated more than £800k in sales.

NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford

Turning ambitions into reality

Want to do NatWest Thrive in person? Check out NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford. It’s at youth clubs across the UK. It could help you develop the self-confidence and financial smarts to create the future you want.

Find a NatWest Youth Club

Where's your nearest club? Sign up, discover your strengths and get coached along the way.

"I really enjoyed the NatWest Thrive sessions. They were fun but I learned a lot as well. It's partly because of taking part, that I've gone back to college as I know the steps I need to take to get where I want to be."

Masum, Osmani Trust Youth Club, London.

They've done it. You could too.

98% of young people felt their money confidence improved after four NatWest Thrive sessions. And 75% said it helped them develop new skills to build their future*. 

*Source: NatWest Thrive impact report, Upshot, November 2022

Read the full report here (PDF 1KB)

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About NatWest Thrive

Over the next five years through NatWest Thrive, we want to help 1 million young people improve their financial wellbeing so they can feel more confident about their future.