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Specific account eligibility criteria and fees apply.

What is a packaged bank account?

A packaged bank account is a type of current account that comes with added extras. The extras can be anything from earning Rewards, different types of insurance or fee-free debit card purchases abroad. 

In exchange for these extras, most packaged bank accounts will come with a monthly fee. 

A packaged bank account works like a normal current account. It allows you to receive money, make payments, transfer funds, pay your bills via Direct Debit and more. 

What are the benefits of a packaged bank account with NatWest?

Our packaged bank accounts come with travel insurance that could cover you for trips between 22-90 days, depending on the account type (criteria applies). Our Reward Silver and Reward Platinum accounts offer extra perks and benefits for those who want a little more from their bank account, including: 

Compare packaged bank accounts

Upgrade your existing NatWest current account to a packaged account. Specific account eligibility criteria apply. 


£2 monthly fee
  • Earn from 1% in Rewards when you spend with your NatWest debit card at our partner retailers. 
  • Redeem Rewards as money back into your current account, trade them up for e-gift cards, or donate them to charity.

Reward Silver

£10 monthly fee
  • European travel insurance.
  • Mobile phone insurance.
  • Fee-free foreign card purchases.
  • Plus, all the benefits of the Reward account.

Reward Platinum

£22 monthly fee
  • Worldwide travel insurance.
  • UK car breakdown cover.
  • Plus, all the benefits of the Reward Silver account too.

Premier Reward Black

£36 monthly fee
  • 24/7 concierge service.
  • Home emergency cover
  • Access to 1,100 global airport lounges.
  • UK & European car breakdown cover
  • Worldwide travel insurance

If you earn more than £100,000 per year, you could be eligible. 

What are NatWest Rewards?

NatWest Rewards are a great way to earn as you manage your money. Earn up to £60 per year in rewards from banking every month, plus at least 1% back when you spend using your NatWest debit card with our partner retailers.

You’ll get:

  • £4 a month in Rewards for paying 2 or more Direct Debits (must be worth at least £2 each) from your Reward account.
  • £1 per month when you log in to the NatWest app.
  • At least 1% in Rewards for spending with our retail partners.

Simply access your MyRewards account on the NatWest app to view your personal offers and exchange your rewards. After that, you can spend your Rewards however you like. Cash them into your bank account, spend them as an e-gift card or donate them to charity. The choice is yours.

How to upgrade to a packaged bank account

Choose your packaged bank account

Once you've selected which account works best for you, then click apply

Answer a few simple questions

We'll ask you a few questions before we can upgrade your account

You'll get a decision

If your application is successful, we’ll update your account shortly. From there, we’ll also send you a welcome pack within two weeks. You can keep using your debit card, and all your bank details will stay the same.

Packaged joint accounts

Want to earn rewards together? With NatWest you can also open a joint Reward account with your partner or family member. This means you and one other party can earn and split NatWest Rewards between you. All you need to do is upgrade your existing joint account using the application process above.

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