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Introduction to Online Banking


Quickly move money between your accounts, send money to others (domestic and abroad) and pay bills, like your credit card. Limits apply.

24/7 Help

Get help with your accounts or speak to us 24/7 through Cora, our digital assistant or a live agent by using our Chat option, which appears on the right side of your screen when you log in


The last 7 years of your statements are available to view, search or print. Your balance and last 10 transactions are displayed as soon as you log in.


We use the latest technology and 24/7 monitoring. Get Malwarebytes Premium anti-virus software for free, worth £49.99, until at least May 2024.

Step by step guide to registering

  1. Go to 'Set up Online Banking' and start by letting us know if you are a Personal, Business or Credit card customer. Enter your personal and account details. If you don't have your debit card details, just leave this blank and tap 'Next'.
  2. We’ll then show you your unique customer number. It's used for logging into Online Banking, registering for the app and when you call us.
  3. For security, we will send you a one time passcode to the mobile number we hold on file to verify your details. If your mobile number is incorrect, missing or you don't receive a code, you can request for it to be sent by post.
  4. After you enter and verify your activation code, the final step is to choose your memorable PIN and password which you will use to log in. We will never ask you for your full PIN or password after this point.

After you choose your PIN and password you can now log in to Online Banking.

Get help with Online Banking

We offer a free and personal service called 'Digital Lessons' for anyone unsure how to use Online Banking.

It lets you speak to a Community Banker who will help you learn how to bank from home and is available to every NatWest customer.

Do even more with the app

Our app is just like having the bank in your pocket and is very similar to Online Banking, except it's got some features that Online Banking doesn't have.
The app is available for phone and tablet devices. If you don't have Online Banking yet, you can download the app and register for both services at once.

Download the app

  1. On your mobile or tablet, open the camera and point your device at the QR code.
  2. A link will pop up, tap this, and you’ll be taken straight to download the app.

Not able to scan the QR code? 

You can still download the app by following the below instructions:

  1. On your mobile or tablet, go to the App Store if using Apple or Google Play if using Android.
  2. Search for 'NatWest Mobile Banking'.
  3. Tap to download the app.

Get the app

Experience the quickest way to manage your money.

Get the app

Experience the quickest way to manage your money.

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