By Alix O’Neill

Top interiors trends for 2019

With interiors trends changing almost as frequently as the fashions on the catwalk, it can be hard to keep up with the latest looks. So what’s in for our homes this year?

Before you start shopping for furnishings and paints and chucking out the chintz, get some advice from the experts who know what’s hot and what’s not on the home front.

Sheena Murphy, founder of Nune

“In terms of big trends, gender-specific rooms are out and plant life is in. We’re also seeing a departure from cool greys and a shift towards warm, cocooning tones. Copper is over, as are preppy textiles. Cement tiles are increasingly popular and being used in new and interesting ways, and there’s a focus on more natural materials in the home.

“Sustainability is becoming more and more important to our clients. The days of fast fashion are on their way out, and I see this phenomenon happening in the interiors world, too, with people being more interested in material, process and environmental impact. The textile and mass-market furniture industry are big polluters, and my hope is that consumer awareness and demand will start to drive larger organisations to source and manufacture more responsibly, and pave the way for others to follow.

“In kitchens, the Shaker trend continues to be popular, and I’m seeing a return to more traditional finishes, such as polished nickel and chrome.

“Texture is almost always king. Pastels have been very present in modern design for a while, but I think we’re experiencing an exciting shift to dark and moody tones such as navy, charcoal, black, dark pinks, reds and oranges. Pattern is becoming more minimal and wallpaper should be used throughout a room, not just on one wall.”

Sonia Pash, co-founder of TEMZA

“The overall atmosphere of 2019 will be inspired by vintage. Anything plays, from mid-century modern to 1970s-style furniture and the 1980s disco era, and young homeowners especially are rediscovering the classic archetypes and putting them in a new light.

“Colourful and fluted glass is making its way into our homes, be it in the shape of vases and tableware, or larger items such as room dividers and cabinet fronts. And why not? Letting light pass through surfaces and creating interesting shadows and dynamics lends fluidity to interiors. Curves and arches, meanwhile, are becoming increasingly popular in furniture, lighting and accessories, while plush fabric is one of the new textures we expect will receive more attention this year.

“Brass has been a strong theme for the last couple of years, but perhaps it’s time to wave it goodbye. We’re expecting darker metal colours, such as bronze and black, to take its place. The popularity of real stone, especially marble, is also waning, as there are concerns about its sustainability, maintenance and pricing. Today’s homeowners expect more from a surface than beauty. Another thing we can finally say is dead is the jungle theme. We’re looking forward to softer versions of the same trend, such as patterns inspired by plants and flowers in general.

“I know every designer has been saying this for some time now, but terrazzo is finally here. We heard a lot about this tiling solution last year, and the glossy magazines were flooded with pretty pictures, but in reality the market wasn’t really ready for it and the options that were out there were either too pricey, not available in nice colourways or, in the case of more budget-friendly options, they didn’t really look the part. Now we’re finally seeing some great choices available and they look amazing.

“Black will be the big newcomer, be it black metal, leather or velvet. It’s not a a shade people are instinctively drawn to when it comes to interiors, but we all love to wear black, so I can see this catching on, even if it’s just for the contrast. Generally, expect colour palettes to include more warm, earthy tones, pastels and nudes. White and cool greys are both on the way out, giving way to warmer neutrals such as beiges, and colours like mint, warm pink and peach will be popular.

“All that said, you should do exactly what you feel like doing, because that is the single strongest trend right now.”

Tamara Frye, interior designer at Raft

“It’s all about natural material in 2019 – think stone, copper, concrete, brass and natural wood. Smoked glass and pewter mirrors are popular, as are earthenware bowls and vases, floral-print and wool and sheepskin cushions, colourful printed rugs, black-and-white prints and house plants.

“What’s out this year? Whitewash! Rooms should have some colour and personality, although it’s a personal choice. Grey isn’t as big as it was last year, while orange and purple are definitely not on trend.

“In terms of colour, pattern and texture, we’re looking at bold, rich hues and prints in red, organic green, burnt yellow, terracotta and pastels. Blush pink is another big hit, while velvet and leather are on trend. Herringbone tiling and geometric patterns add a touch of drama to a room, as do palm prints on wallpaper. We’re also seeing faux brick, stone and slate wallpaper and panels on walls. In wallpapers, think bold colours, rich navy, shimmer, geometrics and brass and metallics.”