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Getting good with money

  • Sorting out your own money
  • Making sure kids know what’s what 
  • Giving fraudsters the heave-ho  

It’s never too early to get a handle on money. Or too late. MoneySense gives you free workshops and loads more to help everyone sort out the money side of things. 

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For children 5-16:


Being good with money gives kids a great start in life. And MoneySense has all sorts of ways to help. With games, handy info and smart ideas, it makes learning a piece of cake. Not to mention a bit of a laugh.

Island Saver video game

Island Saver is a video game that teaches kids aged 7 to 12 about money. It’s the world’s first. As kids play, they’re learning – and it’s free to download too.

For Parents

Helping kids at home

What do three year olds know about money? After this free online MoneySense workshop, you might be surprised. It’s aimed at helping the parents or carers of kids aged 3 to 11.

Extra support for you

These activities, games and videos are a great way to get kids to learn more about money. And how to handle it.

Staying safe from fraud

Did you know you’re more likely to be a victim of fraud in the UK than any other crime? With this free, online workshop you can make sure you’re less likely to fall for it.

For young adults 16+

Be a bit more money savvy

Want to get to grips with managing your money? This series of free online workshops tells you how.

MoneySense for Young Adults 16-18

Find out more about how money affects young adults. From money and mental health to safety on social media, it’s all stuff that’s useful in the real world. Including how to read your payslip.

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