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Business strategy and risk Management

Not many entrepreneurs start in business to be risk managers but the pandemic has highlighted just how important it is to prepare for disruption. Here, through exclusive conversations with SME leaders just like you, you’ll learn how to identify, mitigate and manage risk.

Manage your strategy and risk

Business resilience and continuity toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you make your business more resilient in the face of significant disruptions.

Climate and sustainability

Build your knowledge, understand the benefits of accelerating your climate action journey, and activate your sustainable growth strategy while championing the race to Net Zero.

Build a sustainable business

Learn about fraud today, to stop it happening tomorrow

Our fraud experts explain how to spot and avoid common threats and scams.

Customer development

Central to any business is your customers, but how much do you actually know about them? Work through the learning, to help you identify existing and new customer groups and the value that you deliver to them.

Understand your customers

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As a business owner, having an awareness and understanding your mindset can be the difference between success and failure. Explore your own mindset, looking at self-awareness and what holds you back.

Explore your own mindset

Funding and finances

Knowing your numbers is key to building a viable business. The learning below will give you some crucial tools to help you understand and manage your finances.

Tips and tools to help you manage your finances

Tools and techniques

Knowing the theory is one thing but implementing it into your business is the tricky bit. So, we've curated some key tools and techniques to help you to communicate, plan and grow your business.

Communicate, plan and grow

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