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RBS Collective Investment Funds Ltd Policies

Royal Bank of Scotland Collective Investment Funds Limited is required to make available to customers policies that are contained within the fund prospectuses, which cover specific aspects of how we manage the funds.

Order Execution Policy

The Order Execution Policy (see below) applies to the Investment Funds, Stakeholder Fund, Personal Portfolio Funds, Coutts Multi-Asset Funds and Discretionary Portfolio Investment Service. As set out in our Order Execution Policy, we use our affiliate company Coutts & Co to execute orders. Please read the 2020 Coutts’ Order Execution Report (see below), it sets out the brokers that they have used and the results achieved. Our objective in using our affiliate in this way is to benefit from a Centre of Expertise within the group and an established external broker framework. We have an established ongoing process to oversee and monitor Coutts’ implementation of the Order Execution Policy. Our conclusion for the year is that Coutts has met its Best Execution obligations for all customers.