NatWest Climate

What’s banking got to do with climate change?

We're making changes

How we use our money today could change the world of tomorrow. In fact, money has the power to create a greener planet. Learn more about what we're doing in our latest video.

Ways we're taking action every day

Here are some of the many ways you might see the actions we're taking.

Carbon Footprint Tracker is within the Spending feature in our app, provided in partnership with Cogo. Spending available to customers aged 16+ who have a Personal or Premier account with us. App criteria apply.

Helping you take action

See your carbon footprint inour app including the impact of your individual transactions.

Learn how your carbon footprint compares to the average monthly one in the UK and find tips to reduce it.

Greener cards

New debit and credit cards made from 86% recycled plastic are being introduced.

With 16 million customers, this change is expected to save around 23 tonnes of plastic and 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Sustainable uniforms

We're rolling out new uniforms for all the front-line staff. The new uniforms are made from sustainable materials created from recycled plastic with one metre of the new fabric saving 28 plastic bottles.