Get from £25 to £1,000 cashback. Just transfer your ISAs to NatWest Invest

Our cashback offer to you

Do you have existing Cash ISAs with any provider in the UK - including with us?

Or do you have Stock & Shares ISAs - excluding NatWest, Royal Bank or Coutts Invest? 

Transferring them to NatWest Invest could land you some cashback in return.

How much cashback could I get?


cashback if you transfer from £1,000 to £4,999.99


cashback if you transfer from £5,000 to £9,999.99


cashback if you transfer from £10,000 to £24,999.99


cashback if you transfer from £25,000 to £49,999.99


cashback if you transfer from £50,000 to £99,999.99


cashback if you transfer more than £100,000

Before you start  

You will need the following information to hand in order to complete your ISA transfer journey online:

  • The name and account number of the ISA you are transferring
  • The address of the company that holds your existing ISA
  • Your national insurance number 

The small print 

Cashback offer ends 27 May 2022.

Available to both new and existing NatWest Invest customers.

Customers must initiate their ISA transfer by 27 May 2022. This involves completing the online invest ISA transfer journey and (where relevant) sending paperwork to our Private Banking Operations team.

Although your Cash ISAs can be from any UK provider, you must transfer your Stocks & Shares ISAs from an external company. This can not be from NatWest, Royal Bank or Coutts Invest.

The cashback amount that we pay you shall be calculated in line with the table above. It is based on the aggregate value of any ISA transfers into your NatWest  Invest ISA, less all amounts withdrawn and/or transferred out during the period between 21 February 2022 and 27 May 2022 inclusive (the ‘Aggregate Transfer Value’). For the purposes of calculating the Aggregate Transfer Value, all qualifying contributions shall be valued at the value we receive from the transferring ISA manager.

Provided you have met the eligibility criteria, the cashback will be paid no later than 31 August 2022.

Automated advice and Junior ISA are not eligible for offer.

We may withdraw this offer anytime before 27 May 2022.

Full T&Cs available to download below.

Cashback offer terms and conditions

Please read carefully for further information.

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