Children in foster care

Banking for children in care

Choosing the right options for your child

Over 82,000 kids are currently in care in the UK and financial wellbeing is an essential part of their care (The Fostering Network, 2023).

As a foster carer you're required to save for kids in your care. We're here to help you with this process and prepare them financially for the future.

Bank account options for children in care

Adapt current account and debit card 

Ages 11- 17

Help your children get on top of their money so they can do more of what they love with a free Adapt current account, app and card. 11-15s must apply with a parent or guardian who has a NatWest current account. 

  • Tap to payUse contactless, Google Pay™ or Apple Pay.
  • Mobile app features: Lock card, Face ID and many more features.
  • Adapt will automatically turn into an adult Select account when your child reaches 18. 

How to open:

  • Can be opened online.
  • 11-15 year olds - You can open an Adapt account online for your child. Keep in mind you’ll need to already hold a bank account with us.
  • 16-17 year olds - They can open an account online themselves or with your support if they have the correct documents.

Account eligibility criteria apply. Specific criteria apply for the app and certain features. Apple Pay available for ages 13+ and Google Pay™ available for ages 13+.

Kids’ pocket money app and prepaid debit card

Ages up to 17

Give your kids a head start with NatWest Rooster Money. You can choose the Virtual Money Tracker or Rooster Card. Best of all, through your own parent log in, you can see how they're managing their money.

  • Free Rooster Card Subscription: For NatWest Group customers with kids aged 6-17. 
  • Features: Set spending limits, view their account,  get real-time alerts when they spend and create custom pots for big buys.
  • Use our statements in the App to track and download records of pocket money transactions. Your child can log in too.
How to open:
  • Sign up to NatWest Rooster Money and download the app.
  • You'll need to provide info about yourself and every child you add to Rooster Money.
  • Once set up you'll be able to connect to your existing NatWest accounts, view offers and more on the app.

T&Cs apply (PDF, 100KB). Eligibility criteria apply. Card offer includes up to three cards, other fees may apply. Fees apply for non NatWest personal customers.

Help your child in care start saving money

First Saver

For children under 16, open their account in your name and save on their behalf. This is called 'holding an account in trust'.

Foster carers across the UK are required to save for the children in their care. 

  • Start saving in a way that suits you, by opening a First Saver account and adding just £1 to your child's account.
  • Get instant access to the account and withdraw money at any time.

Account eligibility applies. 

What documents do you need?

When applying for a bank account in the UK, you’ll need to provide different types of documentation to prove where you live and your identity.

As a foster carer opening an account for a child, it can be difficult to provide the usual accepted documentation. Take a look at some alternative documents you could provide.

Proof of ID

Identification is needed to prove who you and your children are. This can include:
  • A passport
  • A Full or Provisional UK Driving Licence (you can often use this to prove both your identity and address)
  • An EU ID card
  • A Pass Card/Young Scot Card
  • A Birth Certificate


  • A Care/Foster Agreement

Proof of address

We need to check your address, so we know where to send statements and any other information. Proof of address can include:
  • A recent utility bill
  • A recent bank statement
  • Tax documents
  • A Full or Provisional UK Driving Licence
  • Address confirmation from a foster carer
  • A letter of introduction from a school
  • A letter of introduction for a child in care/foster care

If a child leaves your care, find out what to do with our accounts

Things to be aware of when banking for children in care

Fraud and scams

Children in care can be more vulnerable to financial crime. Children are more likely to face both a significant risk of fraud and identity theft as well as being drawn into crime themselves. 


Foster carers across the UK are required to save for children in their care. 

Child Trust Funds

Child Trust Funds are long term, tax-free savings accounts that were set up by the Government in 2005. Child Trust Funds are held in various UK banks. The child in your care may have a Child Trust Fund.

Helping kids in care understand money

Teaching kids about money

Use our guide to get top tips and advice on how to depart financial wisdom in a kid-friendly way.

Free financial education

MoneySense is our free programme where kids, parents and even teachers can learn about money. It’s full of activities, games and articles to make learning fun.

Thrive with NatWest

NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford could help children in your care learn about their future. It's a movement to help young people develop the self-belief, confidence and skills to achieve what they want.

How you can help children in your care understand money

What is Banking My Way?

Do you need additional support with banking because your circumstances have changed?

Banking My Way is a free service that allows you to record information about the support or adjustments you need to make banking easier.

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