NatWest Invest

£10,000 prize draw

One lucky winner will get £10,000 and 10 others will win £1,000

Set up a new regular monthly payment to NatWest Invest for a chance to be entered into the draw. Free entry route also available.

New to investing with us?

Open a NatWest Invest account with a regular monthly payment for the chance to be entered into our prize draw. Amounts start at £10 for a Junior ISA or £50 for everything else.

You could get yourself into the habit of putting your extra money to work each month while also being in with the chance of winning that extra cash. 

Already a NatWest investor?

To be entered into our prize draw, set up a new monthly payment into any of your current investments. Or if you’d like to start investing into something new, you could choose from our other products and set up a monthly plan. This starts at £10 for Junior ISA or £50 for everything else.

Some products, such as ISAs and Pensions, have annual tax allowance limits so you might not be able to add funds if you’ve already reached these limits. 

Important information

Our prize draw is open to new and existing customers. You just need to set up a new regular monthly payment into a NatWest Invest account. This starts from £10 a month for a Junior ISA or £50 a month for a Stocks and Shares ISA, General Investment Account and Personal Pension. 

Check your calendar – The monthly payment into your NatWest Invest account must be set up between 4th September 2023 and 5pm on 4th March 2024. If you cancel or close before 4th March, you are no longer eligible. We reserve the right to change or withdraw this promotion before 4th March 2024.

One entry per person – You can only be entered into the prize draw once. So if you set up a new monthly payment into both a Pension and a Stocks and Shares ISA for example, you won't be entered twice.

Save the date – The 11 winners will be drawn by 29th March 2024. Our random number generator will pick a number which we’ll match to a randomised list of eligible customers. The first customer drawn will be our £10,000 winner with the remaining 10 winners getting the £1,000 prizes.

We’ll reach out to the winners within five working days of the prize draw, either by phone or email depending on the most up to date contact details we hold. The prize money will be sent to their NatWest current account by 5th May 2024. 

Here’s what you can invest in:

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • General Investment Account 
  • Personal Pension
  • Junior ISA

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There’s also a cash reward offer

Depending on how much you pay in each month, you might also be eligible for our cash reward offer. You could receive from £20-£5,000 while also being entered into the prize draw.

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