Different kinds of company assets can be used to secure credit. These include fixed assets such as equipment and property, inventory assets and accounts receivable.

Assets you can raise funds against

Current assets


Receivables (or ‘debtors’) are monies owed to a company for goods and services - usually in the form of an invoice. 

Credit secured against receivables generally fluctuates according to the amount owed. This requires the lender to monitor and audit your receivables. You may qualify for larger lines of credit through this form of lending. 


This refers to stocks, goods and assets listed on your balance sheet. Your inventory levels fluctuate according to things such as seasonal trends and business growth.

Raising funds against the future value of your inventory could accelerate cash flow. This helps with liquidity and allows you to optimise your equity base. 

Fixed assets

Plant and machinery

Plant and machinery could be used as collateral for asset-based credit. The finance offered depends on the life of the asset and an external valuation. 


The security and value associated with property could be released to satisfy your working capital and growth requirements.