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Business Quick Deposit

What is Business Quick Deposit?

Business Quick Deposit (BQD) is a quick, easy and secure way for non-personal customers to pay in cash and cheques via the branch network without having to wait whilst the deposit is checked. 

Notes, coins, and cheques are sealed in a uniquely barcoded tamper-proof wallet. This wallet can then be paid in at either our branch counter or at an Automated Deposit Unit (also known as a BQD machine) available in over 280 branches across the UK. With either option, an acknowledgement slip is provided which will enable you to verify that the wallet has been received safely. 

You will receive same day credit for the stated cash value (if deposited at a branch before 3.30pm), and we will endeavour to count and notify you of any differences within five business days. 

Is Business Quick Deposit right for me?

You might consider BQD if you:

  • Are looking for a secure way to pay in money
  • Want to save time when paying in at a branch
  • Want same day value on cash deposits
  • Are paying in an average of between £500 - £10,000 in cash and/or cheques
  • Have been operating a non-personal bank account satisfactorily for longer than 90 days

What are the benefits of Business Quick Deposit?


Wallet fitted with a tamper-proof seal meaning that it cannot be opened once it has left your premises


Staff no longer have to wait while cash is counted. Using a BQD machine (Automated Deposit Unit) takes less than 1 minute on average



Wallet contains a unique barcode ID that appears on the slip generated by the BQD machine (Automated Deposit Unit) or on the slip stamped at the counter. This enables you to confirm that the sealed tamper-proof wallet has been deposited

How does it work?

  • Prepare Cash & Cheques - Count notes & coin then place in cash compartment and cheques in the voucher compartment
  • Prepare Wallet - Fill in cash and cheque value on wallet. Complete pay-in slip and place in voucher compartment then seal wallet
  • Deposit at the Bank - Deposit wallet at the counter or at a BQD machine (Automated Deposit Unit) for acknowledgement slip value received same day
  • Post Bank Visit - Notification of any differences via email within 5 business days. Differences traceable with slip

Automated Deposit Unit Locations

Apply for Business Quick Deposit

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) to view the form as this pdf will not display in your browser. Right click 'Business Quick Deposit eform', save it to your computer and 'Open with' Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Business Quick Deposit eform (PDF, 232 KB)

It only takes a few minutes to apply for Business Quick Deposit via this secure electronic application form.  Please click the link and follow the instructions provided. Please note that the person submitting the application must be an authorised signatory on the business account and be submitting the application from an email address we hold on file.

Your application will be reviewed and a decision sent to you by email using the information we hold on file.

Useful Information


If you are unable to apply for Business Quick Deposit via the quick and secure electronic method mentioned above, you may wish to complete and return this alternative paper application form to a branch or your normal bank contact.

How to prepare your banking

Watch our helpful video on how to prepare your cash banking to pay in quickly and easily using NatWest branch machines.

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