To help make it easier for you to do business abroad, we offer our secure online trade service – MaxTrad. Efficiently manage your supply chain finance process with incorporated E-invoicing.

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Key features and benefits

100% digital service

Manage your trade processes online 24/7

Time-saving templates

Reduce data entry requirements and the time taken to initiate transactions

Free to use

Use the service free-of-charge, you just pay the usual fees for underlying transactions

Digital document retrieval

Access documents instantly, resolve any issues quickly

Management visibility

Customise reporting to your organisation's precise needs

Real-time customer support

Get support online via self-service FAQs and email support or over the phone via our telephone helpdesk

Back office integration

Integrate MaxTrad with your back office, e.g., accountancy software

Global security

Establish secure connectivity across the globe with data encryption, time-stamped electronic data/audit trails, unique user IDs and optional multiple levels of authentication

Solutions offered

We offer a range of solutions to help make your trade activity smoother, safer and more efficient. These include recognised instruments to ensure contracts are properly fulfilled and that you are paid. We also offer structured finance solutions to help bridge any cash flow gaps when trading.

  • Import Letters of Credit (ILCs) – initiate ILC applications quickly and accurately using pre-filled templates; submit applications to the bank electronically
  • Export Letters of Credit (ELCs) – manage the entire process more time-efficiently; receive email alerts prompting you to log into MaxTrad to obtain copies of ELCs once they have been advised by the bank
  • Import and Export Collections (including Direct Export Collections) – streamline the way you manage Documentary Collection transactions; check shipment statuses in real time; use online document preview and settlement features
  • Bonds & Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit – initiate, amend and administer all your Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit using one online interface for greater efficiency
  • Transaction Management – streamline the way you manage your international transactions, with easy exchange of information and documents between buyers and sellers; set automatic payments on agreed dates; resolve disputes quickly
  • Supply Chain Finance – take advantage of innovative supply chain financing solutions to bridge cash flow gaps when importing or exporting

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