Seize opportunities and mitigate the risks of importing and exporting

Managing risk for international trade

Understand and protect against risk

Payment risks

Trading internationally can seem riskier than trading in the UK. Exporters want to get paid on time. Importers want to receive their goods on time. Understanding your options is key to managing and mitigating payment risk.

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Foreign exchange risks

Exchange rate fluctuations pose a risk to any business that trades internationally. Our FX risk management services could help protect you against such volatility.

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Regulations that deal with risk

Understanding your responsibilities in international trade can be a challenge. The industry-wide standards and terms can be confusing. Familiarising yourself with the basics could help your business run more smoothly when trading across borders.


An internationally recognised way of clarifying responsibilities when goods are transported overseas.

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Uniform customs & practice

Official rules and regulations about letters of credit and documentary collections.

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An EU initiative that simplifies the process of making payments within the Eurozone.

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