Global Liquidity

Manage and optimise funds held in overseas accounts

Why choose global liquidity?

Global Liquidity lets you view any accounts you hold with our overseas partners. Identify, monitor and transfer your cash to maximise the return on surplus positions and minimise deficit positions to reduce funding costs. Bankline then initiates the transfers to minimise deficits and optimise returns.


Global Liquidity runs through Bankline so you benefit from the convenience of online management with full visibility on balances held on all overseas accounts.

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Harder working funds

Transaction and projected close-of-business balance details help you work out where to deploy your cash.

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Fewer manual transfers

Spend less time on manual transfers. You can create a set of sweeping and topping rules, based on projected close-of business balances, for automatic transfers.


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Your funds are protected by multiple passwords, PIN numbers, user ID and encryption. You can choose to set user profiles and the level of automation for each user.


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This service allows you to maintain important relationships with other banks while centralising the management of balances within your Royal Bank of Scotland accounts. Global liquidity can sweep credit balances or fund debit balances in fully automated or manual transactions.

How does global liquidity work?

1. Consolidate your balances

In-country cash management consolidates balances into a local account with one of our partner banks. This minimises cross-border transfers and costs.

2. Sweep your funds

Global liquidity transfers funds between your accounts with partner banks and your accounts held with Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK. The whole process is based on rules stipulated by you.

3. Maximise your credit interest

Global liquidity is designed to maximise your credit interest. However if your business is looking to minimise debit interest paid, Global Liquidity can complete the process in reverse.

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