Running my business

Tips and tools for managing your finances

Understanding and managing your cash flow, payments and invoicing means you'll be on top of whatever comes your way. Here's a few things that could help.

Manage your money

Forecast and manage your cash flow

Forecasting your cash flow

Our simple Excel template helps you forecast and manage your cash flow and plan your cash reserves. Use it to work out if you could adjust your costs to make your money work harder and last longer.

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Managing your cash flow

A lot of businesses fail due to cash flow issues. So, it's good to know and understand how cash flow works. Discover our five steps to better cash flow management.

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Earn interest on excess cash

You could plan for your business's future with the right savings account. We've got all sorts of accounts that could help you save with different features to suit you.

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Expert help from our community

Supporting ethnic minority businesses

Free HR advice with MentorDigital

*Some Mentor services incur a cost.

Looking for business insurance?

Business insurance could help to protect your business against the risks and challenges you may face. Gallagher, our business insurance broker, have a range of options to choose from to look after your business and your staff, including public and employers’ liability to professional indemnity and more.

Running a day care nursery business

Childcare businesses in the UK have faced many challenges recently. Hybrid working structures, operating constraints, child welfare, staff retention and stressed cashflow make up just a few. So you can navigate these challenges and opportunities, we’ve developed a childcare sector management toolkit to help fine-tune your business.

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Financing your growth

Whether you’re looking for a small business loan to buy stock or a larger loan to expand your assets, we have a variety of fixed and variable options to suit your  needs.

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A range of business credit cards

We've got a range of credit card solutions that could help you to cover your everyday expenses without eating into your cash reserves. Our cards are ideal for making secure transactions and giving you flexible banking options.

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Card payments with Tyl

Whether you're a craft brewery, a bakery, fitness centre, dentist, or a travelling food truck, you could find a payment solution and a price that works for you. There's bank grade security and it's backed by NatWest. 

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