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We’ve a team of specialists in NatWest Markets that help businesses access a range of FX services.

Managing foreign exchange risk

Our online execution platform is supported by a team of qualified specialists and strategists, who are here to support you and help you navigate through the FX landscape.

Who might use our FX service?

Businesses or organisations that:

Import or export

Have foreign currency accounts

Send or receive international payments

Are looking at acquisitions overseas

Agile Markets

Agile Markets is our digital platform that helps you to manage your currency requirements electronically. It offers a simple and straightforward way to execute your foreign currency exchange needs.

We continue to invest in technology to make sure you enjoy a great experience when trading on our digital platforms. There's no "one size fits all", so we can customise our electronic FX solutions to fit your individual needs.

Agile markets

Reduce errors and associated costs

Complete FX trades electronically, streamline processes and improve accuracy - this can reduce costs and errors. With Excel integration, you can easily upload deals to quote and book.

Real-time market and management data

View market data in real time. Access analysis, trade and execute transactions online and access comprehensive management reports on FX transactions. Set market alerts with email and text notifications.

Secure, reliable platform and compatible with your IT setup

Secure login – password and Two Factor Authentication (2FA), providing users the choice between daily and monthly 2FA. Compatible with nearly every IT setup – modern browser or lightweight desktop app.

Post trade

Review and confirm deals on our post-trade application and download booked deals in Excel format.


We disclose the costs and charges for all FX spot, forward and option transactions undertaken by clients, on both a trade-by-trade basis and in an annual statement.


Our dedicated Agile Markets support team are available 24 hours per day Monday to Friday.

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International payments in Bankline

When making overseas payments, it’s important to consider how best to manage foreign exchange movements. Currency fluctuations can increase and decrease total payment costs and exchange rates can also include additional spreads.

Our Online Banking platform, Bankline, puts you in control, giving you visibility over the total cost of international payments before you transact.

How we can support you today

Make payments in 38 currencies

Choose from a selection of payment types, including SEPA and international wire

Set up individual payments in Bankline or save time by uploading payment files directly

View full transparency of payment costs, including foreign exchange rates and payment fees

Benefit from consistent costs for currency conversion with one agreed margin, based on your requirements 

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With more features coming soon*

Expanded currency coverage with payments in over 130 currencies

Supporting additional payment types, including Low Value Payments, which can reduce your overall payment costs

Integration with SWIFT’s Global Payment Innovation (GPI) to provide full traceability, transparency, and the ability to stop or recall payments at any time

*Additional features relate to our current product development plans and are subject to change.

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Check international payment exchange rates

Use our FX calculator to see the current foreign exchange rates applicable to international payments, and how much you'd be sending or receiving in your chosen currencies.

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How our FX solutions could help

Our FX risk management service responds to your business' individual needs. Below is an example of how we could assist you as your FX needs evolve.

Simple FX transactions

You need to send US$1M to Hong Kong to pay a supplier today. 

Customer requirement:
You want to know the cost in GBP before sending the payment. 

You use Agile Markets to book the GBP/USD exchange rate, so you can determine the GBP cost of the USD expense.

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