Trade Loans


What are the benefits?

A Natwest Trade Loan is a tailored funding solution based on your working capital needs. A Trade Loan could help in many ways including: 

  • Funding supplier payments or stock purchases. 
  • Providing the required working capital required to import, export or trade within the UK.
  • Allow you to offer more attractive terms to your suppliers and customers

A Natwest Trade Loan could be more cost-effective and may provide higher amounts of working capital compared to some other funding methods.

Our team of qualified trade finance and working capital experts are ready to work with you. We'll take the time to understand your trade cycle and identify opportunities where a trade loan could help.

Trade Loans Explained

A Natwest Trade Loan could be used as a revolving facility supporting regular funding needs, including supplier payments or stock purchases, or to provide the working capital required to fund a specific contract.


We'll work closely with you to create a customised solution that fits your business, providing confidential financing that is kept separate to any other debt you may have.

How other businesses use Trade Loans


See how UK manufacturer, Counterline, used Trade Loans to grow in new markets. 

NH Case

Thomas Case shares his insights on running the family business, from managing food processing costs to mitigating risks in the supply chain.

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Bayliss Metals

David Bayliss shares his insights on making a profit in a sustainable way, keeping suppliers happy and learning how to mitigate risk.

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To find out more about Trade Loans, take a look at our Fact Sheet (PDF, 185KB).

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Other Trade Finance options

We offer a wide range of trade finance products, discover how these could help out with your business needs…

Provide a secure method of settlement and reduce the risk of non- payment for delivered goods. Once issued they are legally binding, irrevocable and cannot be cancelled unless all parties agree.

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Documentary collections provide a secure way to make and receive payments during international trade.

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Bonds & guarantees, and standby letters of credit, provide companies with additional protection in respect of their business or customers, performance or financial obligations. We can issue guarantees on your behalf or receive and validate guarantees issued by other banks in your favour.

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