A safe and simple account for international trading

Business Currency Current Account

What is a business currency current account?

Currency fluctuations can be an issue for any business trading internationally. We could help mitigate those risks. Open a non-interest bearing current account, and make and receive payments in foreign currency simply and safely. You will benefit from all the overdraft (subject to agreement) and money transmission services you need for the day-to-day running of your business.

Electronic transfer. You can make payments quickly and accurately via Bankline

No minimum balance. This is a working capital account therefore we will not ask for a minimum balance

Multi-currencies. Simply select from a range of currencies, an account that suits your needs

International payment facilities. You can make payments across the globe using this account in a variety of currencies

Transparent costs. There are standard transaction charges

Cheque book and overdraft. Choose to have a cheque book or overdraft facility in most of the world’s currencies (subject to agreement)

Currency lending interest rates

We offer competitive interest rates when lending foreign currencies from around the world. Download the PDF to find out what rates you could be paying on your current account's overdraft facility.

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