Understanding commercial remortgaging

Find out more about remortgaging commercial property with NatWest

What is a commercial remortgage?

A commercial remortgage is a refinancing method for mortgages secured against commercial real estate. It could be a great solution for those looking to save money or raise finance for their business, which can then be used to purchase new commercial property or improve existing non-residential real estate.

How does it differ from a standard homebuyer remortgage?

The main difference between a commercial and homebuyer remortgage, is that commercial remortgages can only be applied to loans backed by non-residential real estate. Unlike the more predetermined homebuyer mortgages, commercial mortgages are also heavily tailored around the varied commercial property values, as well as the business needs of the lessee.

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How does a NatWest commercial remortgage work?

In principle, the remortgaging process is identical to a homebuyer mortgage in that your existing loan is replaced by a new one. The loan will be thoroughly discussed with you to provide you with a new tailored term and an interest rate type specific to your business needs.

What are the borrowing limits for commercial remortgaging?

When remortgaging commercial real estate with us, you can refinance from £25,001 with no upper limit on a variable interest rate, or up to £10m with a fixed rate – all subject to approval.

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You can use our Commercial Mortgage Calculator to see how the amount you would like to borrow could be tailored and the monthly repayments you would make.

Advantages of commercial remortgaging

Remortgaging commercial property could benefit your business by helping you release funds or save money in the long run.

Remortgaging to a lower interest rate

When interest rates fall, you may want to remortgage your property to save money on your monthly repayments. Switching to a new deal with a lower interest rate could provide you with capital gains in the long run, especially when remortgaging to a shorter term.

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Reducing the commercial mortgage term

You may find that due to falling interest rates, your existing commercial mortgage could be refinanced to a shorter term, without a drastic change in monthly repayments. You could end up saving money in the long run with a small increase, or even a decrease, in monthly repayments that will cut years off from your agreement.

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Switching between fixed and variable interest rates

Get in touch about remortgaging commercial property with us

If you want to switch your commercial mortgage with us, simply enquire online. We’ll be in touch to talk through possible solutions tailored to your business and property.

Additional support for your business

Thinking about Business premises?

There are several factors to consider before you decide on your business premises. We could help with the decisions and suggest ways you could finance it.

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Commercial buy-to-let with NatWest

Commercial buy-to-let mortgages are a type of secured loan, where commercial real estate is the security. Find out more about buy to let mortgages for limited companies.

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NatWest Commercial Mortgage

Owning your own premises could be a great way of growing your business without the constraints of renting. Find out more about commercial mortgages.

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