Social & Community Capital

Supporting charities and social enterprises

NatWest Social & Community Capital. Registered in England No: 03901460, Registered office: 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA. Charity Registration No: 1079626

What we do

Social and Community Capital is a charity funded by NatWest to help social enterprises, charities and community businesses.

We provide funding and support for organisations in this crucial sector who might not be able to get mainstream finance.

Top three areas we support

Employment, education and training

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Services for the most disadvantaged

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Community regeneration

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How we could help

We know how hard it can be to find the support you need as a community venture.

Maybe you need funding to get started or grow. Perhaps you need the networks or supply chains to expand, or help with business and digital skills.

We’re here to support you at every stage of the journey.

Our funding options

We provide alternative funding to business charities and social enterprises who don't qualify for mainstream loans. You don’t need to be a NatWest customer to apply. 


We have four loans to meet different needs. If you’re not sure which would suit your organisation, get in touch.

Property Purchase Loan

Funding to renovate or purchase a property

  • Apply for £30k to £500k.
  • 4% to 7% (1% deduction where fixed charge is in place).
  • Repayment term up to 15 years.
  • Approval & arrangement fees apply.
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Flexible Growth Funding

Looking to grow and increase your impact

  • Apply for £30k to £350k.
  • 4% to 7% fixed interest rate.
  • Repayment term up to 10 years.
  • Approval & arrangement fees apply.
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Working Capital Loan

Flexible finance to cover overheads and smooth out cashflow

  • Apply for £30k to £250k.
  • 5% to 7% fixed interest rate.
  • Repayment term up to 1 year.
  • Approval & arrangement fees apply.
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Bridging Loan

Pay VAT or cover overheads before grant funding arrives

  • Apply for £30k to £250k.
  • 5% to 8% fixed interest rate.
  • Repayment term up to 2 years.
  • Approval, arrangement & commitment fees apply.
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Who we help

Here are three organisations we’ve recently supported. To read their stories, check out our impact report.

Heron Educational Foundation

Heron provide affordable housing for local people and support children and young people in education and beyond.

Herts Schools Outreach (HSO)

HSO provides an invaluable early intervention service for vulnerable children and young people, offering understanding and support when they need it most.

The Ledge

The Ledge is a community-focused climbing centre with a social mission. It helps people overcome life challenges through the shared  experience of climbing.

Our Annual Impact Report

Every year we write an impact report. In its pages, you’ll find more detail on who we are as a team and the  fantastic organisations we’ve worked with this year. And you can see facts and figures that show our impact on communities across the UK.

Meet the team

We’re a small, friendly team and we love to build connections. Tell us about your goals to find out how we can help.

Victoria Papworth


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Megan Virrels

Special Advisor

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Brendan Hegarty

Loans Officer

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Tracy Thomson

Loans Officer

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Contact us

Email us at:  natwestscc@natwest.com

Or call us on:

0207 672 1411

18001 0207 672 1411 for Relay UK

We’re available 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (except for public holidays).

Could our network help you too?

We work with lots of organisations that help social enterprises. From helping neighbourhoods thrive to providing facts and figures behind the latest developments, these organisations could help you too.