Clear, uncomplicated company formation

How to register as a limited company

Is forming a limited company right for my business?

Forming a limited company is an important step, but it's not right for everyone.

Before forming your company, it's important to learn about the types of organisations that need to register with Companies House, and which don't.

Register your company in three easy steps

  1. Check your company name is available. You can search your company name to ensure it’s not taken. 
  2. Answer a few questions. When you register with Companies House, they’ll need to know a bit about you and your company.
  3. Pay just £50.

You’re all set! If you need a business bank account, we can help with that.

What will I need to provide?

  • Your company name. You can check whether it’s already taken before starting.

  • Some details about you and your company. As well as your name and address, Companies House will need to know what your company does, and the address that is to be the company’s registered address.

  • Information about the other people involved in the company, such as shareholders, directors and secretaries.

How long does it take to apply?


If you go through the whole process in one go, it will take you about half an hour. You can always save it and return to the Companies House website to complete your application later.


Once I’ve applied, how long does it take to complete the formation process?

Once you’ve completed all the relevant information, your company will be up and running within about one working day.

You don't need to form a company to open a business bank account.

We offer bank accounts for organisations of all sizes - take a look at our business bank accounts to see how we could help your organisation grow.

NatWest reserves the right to decline bank account applications.

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