International Payments

Helping you to pay all around the world

Why use electronic payments?

Make fast and secure payments to your overseas suppliers or receive international payments from your buyers. You can pay or be paid in advance, on delivery or after receipt. You can make or accept sterling and non-sterling payments easily using our electronic banking channels. We offer international transfers that can arrive same day or at a future to suit different payment, destinations and timescale needs - giving you the speed and security that you require.

Transparent timescales

Control when payments and International Transfers leave your account or arrive at your beneficiary's account.

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Secure payments

Electronic bank-to-bank links offer your business security and reliability.

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Make and process payments yourself using mobile or online banking solutions. 

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Ways to make electronic payments

There are two ways to make electronic international payments – Standard Transfer and Urgent Transfer. You can pay almost any amount, in most currencies, to most countries across the globe.

Standard Transfer


  • Payments should reach your beneficiary within four business days
  • Payments to EU countries (plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein) could be quicker
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Urgent Transfer


Payments should reach your beneficiary within two business days

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How to make electronic payments

You'll need to provide the following information in order to make electronic Payments (Please note: Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein are treated as EU countries).

Receiving electronic payments

Asking your customers to pay electronically improves the efficiency of your transactions.

Easy payments

Simply provide your customer with your IBAN number (found on your bank statement), our SWIFT address (NWBKGB2L), our full bank name (National Westminster Bank Plc) and your account name.

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Automatic currency conversion

Most payments are converted to the currency of your account. Let us know prior to payment if you don’t want this to happen.

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Funds available quickly

Your funds will be available on the value date or the next best possible value date.

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Predictable fees

All currencies except Euro – Credits to accounts with NatWest

  • Below £101 - £1
  • £101 and over -  £7

Euro Only – Credits to accounts with NatWest

  • International Transfer -  £0
  • SEPA Credit Transfer - £0

Fees are deducted from your payment. These fees apply to payments initiated after 15th December 2019.

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IBAN is an internationally agreed method for transactions between banks globally. This lets foreign banks check the validity of your bank account number.

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SEPA creates a series of common standards, rules and payment processes for making payments across the Eurozone.

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