Fraud prevention

Fraud Control Data

Our fundamental purpose is to keep our customers’ money safe and secure. We are committed to using the latest technology to combat fraud and scams, as well as educating customers about how to spot something suspicious. You can learn more below about what we do to protect our customers.

Fraud Prevention Philosophy

Customer Education and Awareness

Contacting our Customers


Fraud and scam prevention

Fraud and scam prevention, detection, and remediation is at the heart of what we do, and we are investing more time and money than ever before to educate and protect you and your money. 

If you are ever concerned about fraud or scams, you can contact our dedicated fraud and scams teams by calling us on the number on the back of your bank card.

Tackling the challenge of fraud is something we know we cannot do alone. We are continually working with our customers, law enforcement, and other industry banks to stay one step ahead of the criminals.