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Intelligent Safe

Cash deposits made easy

Intelligent Safe makes it safe and easy for your business to deposit cash without leaving your premises. And the funds will be added to your account the same day.*

Product fees and charges apply.

How it works

  • Deposit cash into the onsite device any time of the day that suits your business.

  • The device counts the deposit so you don’t need to and automatically detects forgeries.

  • Receive same day value on deposits*.

  • Your courier will empty the device before it reaches the maximum capacity.

How could Intelligent Safe help my business?


  • Deposit cash any time on site without disrupting your business day.
  • The device counts and verifies cash, detecting forgeries.


  • Staff do not have to take large volumes of cash to the bank.
  • Funds are protected from the moment they enter the safe, reducing shrinkage.

Low cost

  • Staff no longer have to be away from the premises, allowing them to concentrate on the business. 
  • Could reduce any losses presently incurred due to administrative errors and fraud.

In partnership with Loomis and G4S

Watch the videos below to find out more about the secure end-to-end cash solution our carrier partners can provide to any size of business.


SafePoint underpins our Intelligent Safe solution. 


G4S Cash360 underpins our Intelligent Safe solution. 

Things to Consider

  • This service is generally cost effective if you deposit more than £5K cash each week.
  • Your site will need to meet security and installation requirements before we can set you up with Intelligent Safe. We’ll arrange a site survey to check this.
  • We can’t offer Intelligent Safe to you if you’re a protected customer**.


Click the link below to view and download a copy of the Intelligent Safe factsheet.

Register your interest

Register your interest and one of our team will give you a call. You can talk through whether Intelligent Safe is right for your business. And they’ll help you with next steps if you want to go ahead.

Terms, conditions and acceptance criteria apply

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