How can I get help with Online Banking for Business?

New to online and mobile banking?

Card-reader help

Card-reader help

Our dedicated card-reader help page(opens in a new window) will give you more information on what a card-reader is and why you need one. Also, some of our frequently asked questions may be able to help too:

You must order your first card-reader through your www.onlinebanking.natwest.com (opens in a new window) and it can't be enabled until at least 48 hours after it was first ordered. How to order a new card-reader(opens in a new window).

Accessing statements online

Activation codes

Activation codes

Activation codes let you use our online and mobile banking facilities. They are sent by text message if you have a UK mobile number, or by post. We do this to keep your code secure and to make sure it can’t be accessed by fraudsters.

You can order a new activation code using our re-register for Online Banking (opens in a new window). Alternatively, some of our frequently asked questions may be able to help:

Its important to ensure your contact details are up to date so that the activation code reaches you as quickly as possible.

Locked out of Online Banking?

Locked out of Online Banking?

If you're locked out of your Online Banking read our log In guide (opens in a new window) to find out how you can get access again.

Some of the most common issues with Online Banking locking can be solved using these three following tips:

  • Remember to clear your cookies & temporary internet files before logging in
  • Check your details are correct
  • Don't access Online Banking through a saved link or favourite

Some of our other frequently asked questions may also be helpful:

I've forgotten my online banking log in details(opens in a new window).

I'm having trouble logging in - use our login helper(opens in a new window).

Making payments through Online Banking

Making payments through Online Banking

To make payments in Online Banking you will need to ensure the person you are sending the payment to is set up as a 'Payee' - How do I add a new payee using online banking(opens in a new window).

You need a card-reader to set up new payees in Online Banking - find out more through the payee guide above.

If you have our mobile banking app you can make one off payments to new payee totalling up to £250.00 per day without a card-reader - find out more on our mobile app page(opens in a new window) under 'Pay Someone New'

Remember - Only one payee can exist for each sort code & account number - for example, it is not possible to duplicate a payee with a different reference.