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Important – Invoice fraud alert

Criminals often impersonate your company suppliers; this is a scam known as invoice redirection. If you receive an email about a change in payment details from one of your suppliers, take action.

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Fraud awareness webinars

Join our free webinars where our fraud experts explain how to spot and avoid common threats and scams.

We’ll use real-life examples to show you how to best protect your business from the latest tricks.

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Fight fraud with us

Sign up to our free e-learning course, hosted by Tessello. As you complete the modules, you'll build up a personalised action plan to help you beat fraud.

Complete the course all at once, or return to the modules when you have time.

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“Resources like these are really needed, after experiencing 'near misses' I feel the more education the better.”

-      Customer testimonial, December 2023

The latest scams to look out for

We know you’re busy – and so do scammers. Familiarise yourself with the most common scams targeting businesses so far in 2023.

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Invoice scams

We’ll share some tips which will help you pay suppliers safely.

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Telephone scams

If you receive a call you think is a scam, here's how to handle it.

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Purchase scams

Learn how to spot scams that entice you to pay for non-existent goods.

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Steps you can take today

We've got tips that could help you avoid many common threats. Choose a topic to begin.

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How we protect you

Authorised Push Payment Scam Code

Learn more about the code and what it means to your business.

Confirmation of Payee

CoP is a name checking service that checks the name of the account holder you intend to pay.

Our Fraud Prevention Policy

Our main purpose is to keep our customers safe and secure.

Anything else we can help with?

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