Social and Community Capital

Who we have supported

Institute for Optimum Nutrition

The Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) was first established in 1984 to “advance education of the public and health professionals in all matters relating to nutrition”

Sandhaven and Pitullie

Sandhaven and Pitullie Harbour used to be one of the best harbours on the Moray Firth. Through a loan bridging facility, various projects have been carried out.

Bristol Together

Since beginning operations in 2011, Bristol Together has developed more than 70 properties in the local community and supported over 60 former prisoners back into work in the process.


Crisis provides counselling to people in the local community with difficulties such as depression and anxiety. We helped Crisis to expand their service with funding for a new building to enable them to accommodate more clients.

Campbeltown Picture House

A building of important historical and architectural significance, Campbeltown Picture House has been restored with the help of S&CC funding, creating a community hub as well as career opportunities and training.

Monkey Park

Monkey Park is a place for local people to come together, with a café, bakery, co-working space, activity space and bike workshop. See how our funding has helped them build their space and develop their business.

S&CC Coronavirus Response

In response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we offered £1 million in grants to social enterprises and trading charities that employ people from disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.

20th Anniversary Grants

In January 2020, Social and Community Capital launched its 20th anniversary grant programme, offering seven £20,000 grants to social enterprises, charities and community businesses around the UK.

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